Norms & Values in Nepal

Nepal is known for its great hospitality however there are a couple of things it is good to keep in mind:
• Ask before you want to take a picture.
• Left hand is in Nepali culture not seen as clean. Don’t eat with your left hand, don’t shake hands with this hand and avoid paying with the left hand.
• Before you enter a temple or a private home take off your shoes.
• Some of the temples are only allowed for Hindu. Ask if you are allowed to enter.
• If you receive or give anything (also money), show your gratitude by using both hands.
• It is not normal to shake hands, especially with women. You usually greet with a Namaste by bringing your hands together in front of your chest.
• You should never point with a single finger to holy locations or holy objects. Instead use your whole hand.
• Don’t touch the head of adults.
• Never try to get over seated people or food or touch other people with your feet.
• If you are a couple, it is not good to show affection in public by embracing each other or kissing.
• Don’t point the soles of your feet towards people, holy locations or an open fire.
• If you are visiting a Stu-pa, circle it clockwise. In the mountains you would pass the Mani walls on the left side.
• Wear appropriate clothes – not too short, tight or sight through.
• Be cautious donating or volunteering for orphanages.